Commercial Real Estate
Benefit from my decade long asset portfolio including a scale model of the Austin Skyline updated to reflect high rises currently under construction.

Petronia City
Currently in the early design phases, Petronia City will be a petrochemical hub and technology center with the goal of reappropriating Africa's natural resources to its own population.

Energy, Infrastructure, Engineering
Featuring renewable energy projects, major infrastructure initiatives and utilizing advanced emissive materials and blended texture maps.

Drone Videography
Preview reel of original aerial footage captured around 2020-2022. See how content can be cut to match specific audio.

Visual Geospatial Data
Using publicly available geospatial data, combined with informational overlays, land use data layers and more to create visually compelling representations of your renewable energy, engineering or infrastructure projects.

Max Midstream
Intended as a kiosk video for the HQ office of MAX Midstream, this video strings together a timeline of nearly two years of drone captures edited in sequence and given map context via motion graphics and digital effects.

Showreel 2018
Although focused toward real estate marketing, this showreel is a rich collection of image layering/transitions, text effects, motion graphics, quantitative data visualization and more.

Transect is a B2B Saas platform that is focused on streamlining the environmental due diligence process for commercial infrastructure, renewable energy and large scale engineering projects. A key responsibility as Head of Creative Media was the coordination and production of informational video such as this product overview.

Capital Ridge
Capital Ridge is located near the intersection of HWY 360 and RR 2244 in the southwest Austin submarket. This 3D visualization highlights the project access paths and building substructure. A collaboration with Ramy Hanna of Tiltpixel, the Capital Ridge marketing efforts resulted in a full building lease to Apple adjoined to 5-Star Hotel Granduca.